Richard Steele
Richard Steele
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Faction none
Occupation Businessman


First appearance Scenario 10
Nationality American
City of residence Unknown (Somewhere in Texas)
Richard Steele is an American businessman and restaurateur that helps Armand expand his business in the United States throughout the second half of the first campaign.

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Richard Steele wears a dark blue business suit, with a light blue shirt beneath it and a yellow tie. He also wears black shoes and has balding white hair.

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Richard first appears in Scenario 10, after he sees Armand LeBoeuf win the International Food Fair. He offers him the opportunity to open up several restaurants in Los Angeles, the first one being Wagons Ho!, Armand's first steakhouse.

He then offers Armand his second restaurant, The Hope & Anchor, a seafood restaurant, in Scenario 11, after seeing the success of the first restaurant.

After that, Richard mainly focuses on giving advice to Armand, such as helping him train staff 500% faster and letting him know OmniFood is using GMOs in their food.

He is last seen at the The Banquet as one of the guests, where he is talking to Robert Calloran.

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