Michel LeBoeuf
Michel LeBoeuf
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Faction LeBoeuf Family
Occupation Retired restaurateur
First appearance Scenario 1 of Restaurant Empire
Nationality French
City of residence Paris
Michel LeBoeuf is Armand LeBoeuf's uncle, who guides his nephew through the first steps of owning a restaurant, and later on helps Delia Delecoeur by managing her store while she works for Armand in one of his restaurants. He is the first major character Armand encounters.

Appearance Edit

Michel is an old person, which is accentuated by his balding grey hair and wrinkles on his forehead. He wears a pink sweater, with a turquoise striped suit with brown elbow patches, brown pants and brown shoes. He also has a mustache and wears glasses.

History Edit

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Michel first appears in Scenario 1, when his nephew, Armand, visits him and asks what happened to his restaurant. Michel closed it down due to the small amount of customers, his prostate condition and not wanting to be absorbed by OmniFood. He gives Armand the keys to his restaurant and guides him through the tutorial, giving him the basics of running a restaurant. He also guides Armand in Scenario 3 through his first cooking contest.

He returns in Scenario 4, where he gives Armand his secret Crêpes Marcie recipe, with an extra dash of cinnamon, in order to help Armand convice Don Corleone he is Michel LeBoeuf's nephew.

Michel also helps Armand set up the kitchen and restrooms of La Cosa Nostra in Scenario 5. He also gives Armand a quick run-through of assigning specific recipes to chefs.

In Scenario 6, Michel gives Armand the location of two of his old chef friends, Thierry Perregaux and Pierre Germain, who now work for La Lune Rouge, a restaurant that pays little attention to food quality, and more to the bottom line. Both chefs remember Michel as a very passionate cook.

Michel then makes a return in Scenario 8, where he announces Armand that the bank has decided to give him a raise in his credit limit, after seeing him perform in the Italian Local Cooking Contest. He also informs Armand in Scenario 9 that his fish shipment has arrived at Red Apple.

He also managed Delia Delecoeur's store while she was working for Armand in Scenario 10 and onwards from Scenario 13. He also looked over Armand's cooking at The Banquet.

Trivia Edit

  • He is one of the two characters that are voiced in the game, the other being Armand LeBoeuf.
  • His name may be a reference to Michel LeBoeuf, an American bussiness author and consultant.
  • He is the first NPC encountered by Armand the Campaign.

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