Don Corleone
Don Corleone
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Faction The Corleones Crime Family
Occupation Mob boss
First appearance Scenario 4 of Restaurant Empire 1
Nationality Italian
City of residence Rome
Don Corleone is a mob boss who offers Armand LeBeouf the opportunity to open up his second restaurant, La Cosa Nostra.

Appearance Edit

Don is a short, chubby male in a business suit consisting of a white shirt, a brown striped suit, dark purple pants, black shoes and a black tie, with white hair and a cigar in his mouth. He used to manage restaurants as a hobby, but after OmniFood came into the cooking world, he wants to see them topple. He funds Armand's second and third restaurant, in the hopes that he will manage to successfully drive OmniFood out of the restaurant business.

History Edit

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Don makes his first appearance in Scenario 4 of the first game, when he drops by Treize Á Table to order some Crêpes Marcie after seeing Armand in the local cooking contest, and saying he has a thing for French cuisine. He asks Armand for proof that he is indeed the nephew of Michel LeBeouf. After being presented the secret Crêpes Marcie recipe, which included an extra dash of cinnamon, he gives Armand the opportunity to open up a second restaurant, provided he can manage his current one well enough financially.

A month later, the Don congratulates Armand on his management skills, and gives him $250,000 to get his old restaurant, La Cosa Nostra, back in action. He also has his nephew, Mario Corleone, take the next flight from Verona back home in order to help Armand in his operation, who has no knowledge of Italian cuisine.

The Don returns in Scenario 8, when he buys Armand his third restaurant, Le Palourde Chantante, a French restaurant in Rome, saying it is a great business opportunity, as a lot of the richer citizens enjoy ”imported” food. He also says it should be an easy job for Armand, as the restaurant already has some tables and decoration on the first floor.

In Scenario 17 he offers Armand a gift of $300,000 for being a good restaurateur and for making his dream of seeing OmniFood topple a reality. He says his mamma considers him ”crazy” for doing this, but says it is well worth it. The Don is then seen at the Banquet, among others, to celebrate Armand's victory over OmniFood.

Trivia Edit

  • His name is most likely a reference to Vito Andolini Corleone, one of the main characters in The Godfather series.
  • He is the first major character Armand encounters in one of his restaurants, the other being Secondo Gordini.

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