Crêpes Marcie
Crepes Marcie
Course type Dessert
Cuisine Flag france French
Default quality 53%
Cooking time ClockClock
Default price $6.40
Appliance(s) Food Processor


When filling in the ”Cooking time” section, please use Clock(Clock.png) as many times as is required.The Crêpes Marcie is a French dessert that appears in both Restaurant Empire games.

Description Edit

Seasonal fruits are diced and marinated in rum, making this the ideal filling for these handmade golden-brown crêpes.

Ingredients Edit



Quantity Cost
Butter 10.50 g $0.12
Egg 0.50 ea $0.06
Flour 8 tbsp $0.12
Milk 60 ml $0.31
Rum 48 ml $1
Salt 0.25 tsp $0.05
Sugar 1.25 g $0


Quantity Cost
Cinnamon 100 tsp $4.52

History Edit

The recipe first appears in Scenario 2 as part of the Tutorial. Here it is showcased as an example for a recipe that requires an additional appliance, the food processor.

It makes another appearance in Scenario 4, where Armand uses it to convince Don Corleone he is Michel LeBoeuf's nephew, by adding an extra dash of cinnamon, a specialty of Michel's.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only recipe that has its optional ingredient revealed in a cutscene.