Armand LeBoeuf
Armand LeBoeuf
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Faction LeBoeuf Family
Occupation World-renowned chef
First appearance Scenario 1
Nationality French
City of residence Paris
Armand LeBoeuf is a world-renowed chef, and is the protagonist of Restaurant Empire, as well as the side protagonist of Restaurant Empire II.

Appearance Edit

Armand wears a red velvet chef suit, with white dotted pants, an apron, a dark blue tie and black shoes and a chef hat throughout the entirety of the first campaign.

History Edit

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In Restaurant Empire Edit

Armand, a recent cooking academy graduate, returns to Paris to visit his uncle, Michel LeBoeuf, only to find out he has closed his restaurant, Treize Á Table, due to dwindling clients and not wanting to put up with OmniFood. He then proceeds to re-open the restaurant and make it successful once again.

After Don Corleone comes to Treize Á Table in Scenario 4, he gets the chance to operate his second restaurant, La Cosa Nostra, an Italian restaurant, which starts operating with the help of Don's nephew, Mario Corleone.

At the beggining of Scenario 8, Armand receives another restaurant from Don in Rome: Le Palourde Chantante. This restaurant was offered to Armand, as Don considered people in the Downtown area love ”imported” food.

Armand also manages to set up his first restaurant in Los Angeles in Scenario 9, Gentille Alouette. This was in an effort to study the American market before establishing any American-themed restaurants. He also hired Bruce Allen and Stan Mazowski, two American chefs, in this scenario.

Soon after follows the opening of 4 more restaurants: Wagons Ho! in Scenario 10, The Hope & Anchor in Scenario 11 (this is also the scenario where Armand hires Tyrone Simpson), Funky Elvis in Scenario 15 and a restaurant to the player's liking in Scenario 17.

Armand faces Edmund Valron, his rival, in The Final Confrontation, during the course of Scenario 18. Armand manages to win the competition with his Stuffed Lamb in a Potato Crust with Truffles recipe, which contained a special ingredient given to him by Joe Stone, a retired chef, famous for co-creating the recipe along with Armand's father.

Armand then finishes telling the story of how he became successful, and finishes preparing the Banquet for his guests, which were all important characters in Armand's career.

Trivia Edit

  • Armand is one of the only two characters to be voiced in the game, the other being Michel LeBoeuf.
  • He and Delia Delecoeur are the only two characters to appear in both campaigns.

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